Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Infant and Early Childhood Services

Intersect Youth and Family Services provides services for children under 6 years of age given their unique needs and increased vulnerability.

Infant and Early Childhood (IEC) services focus on the social, emotional, and behavioral development of the child within the context of their family relationship; the ability to experience, manage and express the full range of emotions; and the capacity to grow, develop, learn and explore within the context of their social environment.


  • Child must be under 6 years of age
  • Have a legal guardian and parent/caregiver to consent to services and participate in services with the child
  • Live in Prince George area


Request for services is made by a parent/guardian or they are referred by a community professional. An intake is booked with an IEC Intake Clinician from the IEC Services team who will proceed with completing the intake with the child and their family. Once the screening and assessment phase is completed, the IEC Intake Clinician will present their impressions and recommendations for services with the IEC Clinical Supervisor who will add recommendations and make a decision regarding services offered through Intersect and/or to resources which best fit for the child and their family in the community. The child and their family, if offered services through Intersect, will either be supported while waiting for therapeutic services to commence or will immediately start therapeutic services. The importance of early intervention will be strongly considered with each child and their family.

Infant and Early Childhood Services Team

The IEC Services team is composed of clinicians who have education and strong experience working with young children and their families.

IEC clinicians require the knowledge and/or training on the following:

  • Attachment and family system theories
  • Be trauma informed
  • Cultural competence
  • Early childhood development
  • General positive parenting skills and strategies
  • Parent – child observation skills

IEC clinicians will be provided the training and tools to provide the following screening, assessment and intervention skills:

  • Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ:SE)
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
  • BCFPI (version 4)
  • Nurturing the Seed
  • Parenting Stress Index: Short Form (PSI:SF)
  • Keys to Interactive Parenting (KIPS)
  • Circle of Security Parent group

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