About Intersect

Intersect is located in Prince George, BC and has been providing services to the community since 1983 at no charge.

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Who We Are

Intersect offers a wide variety of programs to clients and their families at no cost. The Intersect multidisciplinary team represents a wide variety of experiences, education and therapeutic interventions. Services are delivered in accordance to the standards of Child and Youth Mental Health.

Intersect is primarily funded by the Ministry for Children and Family Development. We are a federally registered non-profit society and are administered according to legislation of the provincial government. Intersect is a United Way member agency and also receives annual grants from local and provincial charities and organizations. Intersect is also a member of the Federation for Families and Children.

Intersect is governed by a Board of Directors. Each member serves a three year term and volunteers from the community, who has a variety of experience and expertise. For more information please visit the Board Members page.

The mission of Intersect Youth & Family Services is to develop, coordinate and deliver a comprehensive range of services to youth, children and families in Northern British Columbia.


Meeting the Need: We will develop innovative and accessible program offering timely, responsive services. We will provide an individualized, versatile and efficient response to client needs relying on an integrated, professional services base. We will provide leadership in the development of cooperative and supportive relationships with other service organizations.

Modeling the Way: We will develop comprehensive standards with respect to program development, personnel management and service provision. We will be seen as a model for the collaborative development of children’s mental health services.

Building on Partnership: We will be a strong, unifying force in the community, recognized for our unique achievements and excellence in service. We will enjoy a positive, collaborative relationship with government and be indispensable because of service value. We will facilitate the successful development of programs in cooperation with the Aboriginal community. We will serve as an educational resource to the region.

Sustaining our Development: We will create a learning organization that is constantly improving and open to change. We will build an inventive, exciting work environment, which promotes individual growth and development. We will value our staff, promoting fairness and respect in a supportive and caring environment.

Information Handbook

For more information about our services and to find the answers to any questions you have about Intersect.

Intersect Constitution & Bylaws

For more information about our Society Act, constitution & bylaw information.

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